Storage & Warehousing

Warehouse services are more than just storage, pick and pack, and shipping, though these are the basic functions of a 3PL warehouse

Inbound shipping from your supplier or manufacturer typically arrives via container or semi-truck to our docks. The carriers work with our Logistics Department to coordinate the delivery of client inbound inventory as it is coming from the Ports or across in Malaysia to our various locations.

We have a dedicated team that is ready and waiting to unload and receive the products arriving.

We have a thorough inspection process to identify any potential damage to the products during shipping before scanning the products into stock. The team is then quick to get a location allocated for each SKU and products are put away asap! This allows your items to be available quickly to fill orders.

Inventory Control

Your sort and seg practices will help you take command of your inventory control. Essentially, inventory control is keeping track of stock in a warehouse. At NHEL, our warehouse manager can give an accurate count of every item in stock on-demand. And NHEL able to offer remote visibility of your stock. At the very least, you’ll want to schedule consistent meetings and updates with your partner; this will make inventory control quick and painless. It will also cut down on losses and missed revenue due to miscounted stock.

Quality Assurance

The final step an order goes through before being handed off to the carrier is our weigh station process. The step ensures that the package matches the system weight and size with very tight tolerance levels.

Should any order flag as outside the tolerance levels it is immediately passed to our QA team to verify the order is accurate prior to shipping. This final step is part of our order process to ensure we meet our SLA for order accuracy.

Special Kitting and Assembly

Clients come to us with various needs that require special kitting or assembly of their products, and we are happy to oblige them! We have a crack team of individuals specially trained to handle the myriad of kitting jobs requested by our clients. Does your product need some basic assembly to be ready for your customers? Are you running a special bundle or BOGO marketing campaign? We are ready and able to handle whatever you throw at us!

We keep many items in stock at all our warehouses to offer you the options to add colored crinkle paper, tissue paper, order inserts, or use your client provided branded boxes.

These types of items can be kitted into your orders based on your specific instructions. We love to help our client build their brand by providing these custom services that give your customers a warm fuzzy feeling when they open that box!


Similar to kitting, consolidations are the grouping of pieces into one shipment. A consolidation groups unrelated items into one whole. If you are creating a consolidation for an auto parts store, you may have lug nuts, windshield wipers, and care cleaning products all on the same pallet. Safe practices play an important role in consolidations. Having a team that knows how to pack, wrap, and can stack a pallet properly, will have your shelves fully stocked for your next rush of customers.

Contact us which service is RIGHT for you!