Shipment & Inventory

NHEL warehouse has scheduled pickup times for our dedicated courie partners and other carriers at the end of the day to get the orders on their way to your customers. Once the carriers have received the shipments, they are then responsible to deliver them safely and within the contracted timeframe based on the shipping method chosen.


An organized warehouse system feeds into an organized ordering system. Tracking becomes ever easier, and business owners can more accurately forecast purchasing decisions and inventory planning. Inventory management integration takes much of the guesswork out of reordering and resupplying by combining established inventory management strategies and software for accurate and manageable results. Ultimately, this becomes an additional part of the cost-savings strategy and drives profits upward over time.

When you have worked hard to build your brand of ecommerce products, you want to ensure that you have visibility to your inventory and your orders. With our integrated WMS (Warehouse Management System), you have one place to keep tabs on everything going on with the products and orders that you have spent your blood, sweat, and tears obtaining.

You’ll also have access to detailed Inventory information, depletion rates, and reports so that you know exactly when to reorder. Shrinkage is one of the common costs associated with physical products regardless of where they are stored. Inventory shrinkage is lost or damaged products that cannot be sold.

This is to be expected when selling physical products, however, that will not keep you up at night since NHEL’s shrinkage rate is .001%, which is far below the 3% industry standard. NHEL makes every effort to protect the investment that you have placed in our care.

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