Pick, Pack & Shipping


Our technology integrates with your online store, to automatically receive orders. We then pick, pack and ship 98.0% of them on the same day, with 99.9% accuracy.

The term Pick and Pack is probably one of the clearest and most easily understood terms in the Ecommerce fulfillment industry as it accurately describes what it is.

Pickers are responsible for sourcing the products from its respective location and pack it into the appropriate packaging based on client preferences.


After products are gathered by the person in charge of picking, the process moves to the packing station. This step is when items are separated into their individual packaging for shipment and labeled. The person in charge of the packing process also confirms all items are included in the shipment for accurate order fulfillment.
Once everything is confirmed, a packing slip is included and the package is sealed. From there, the personalized shipping label is affixed, and the package is sent to the shipping bay ready for pickup by the company’s chosen carrier. The label is perhaps the single most important part of the pick, pack, ship process as it contains the tracking information should a package be lost or delayed in transit.


Finally, the order is ready for shipment and is marked as out for delivery once the carrier picks up the package. Though seemingly simple, the planning and streamlining that goes into this 1-2-3 process requires consistency and quality assurance. Each step must be handled with both care and expediency to prevent backflows, missed orders, delayed shipping, or other inventory management mishaps that cause the likelihood of repeat purchases to diminish.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment Advantages

There are several options for both Storage and Pick and Pack fulfillment at NHEL. When store your product within our network, you can store all your products in one centrally located warehouse to streamline holding costs, inventory management, and order shipping. Or you can store percentages of all your products (based on your customer heat map) in multiple warehouses to take advantage of postage cost savings and faster delivery to customers via cheapest ground method.

Want to know which method is right for you and then execute it successfully? Well, we have the answer!
Your dedicated account Manager can help you determine the best course of action for your specific product and business needs, in this decision and many others we can easily determine which method of storage and pick pack is right for you! Contact us